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Edith Hopper Park, Ladies Mile, Manly

From the Umpire’s Chair – August 2017

The new season is close to kicking off and I have no doubt that we are all looking forward to some good tennis on our great new courts, accompanied by some good weather.

This time of the year we reach fever pitch getting ready for the new season and a lot has been accomplished since the last newsletter:

  • We officially unveiled the new courts in early July before the AGM. Many thanks to our Patron Larry Cross for his eloquent speech (always the case!) and to our Life Member Tuku Graham for cutting the ceremonial ribbon.
  • We held the AGM and it was a busy agenda. We elected the new Executive, covered the achievements from the last year, bestowed three new Life Memberships (Bryan Barrett, Ady Croad and Tony Weber), approved the Annual Plan and Budget, and also resolved to appoint a subcommittee to draft life membership criteria and procedures for approval by the Council and the Executive.
  • Volunteers were sought for the aforementioned Life Membership Subcommittee and we have held the first meeting which was very productive. Members of this subcommittee are Bryan Barrett, Paul Spence, Clare Bridle, Neil Mayo, Mary Kershaw and myself. If you have any thoughts on this very important topic, please chat to one of us before we next meet in early October.
  • We have had two Executive meetings and have set membership fees, set important dates (shown on our website calendar) and marketed the club via Facebook, flyers, community notice boards, our website and new road hoardings by The Plaza and Vipond Road (although the political elections unfortunately dilutes our impact).
  • We have obtained quotes for upgrading the court lighting and begun identifying other clubs who have recently upgraded their lights so we can collaborate. This is a significant project, possibly more complicated than the court resurfacing, due to the technical specifications – whether to replace poles, go with LED lights, upgrade wiring, consent requirements, ensure correct supplier used etc. We want to make sure we get it right by having robust due diligence hence we do not have a project start date as yet. We will keep you updated on this project in future newsletters but if you have any expertise or suggestions please let myself or Jacqui Ironside know.
  • With interclub season starting soon, we have elected not to hold Mens Day this year. We prioritised the court resurfacing over Mens Day due to the requirement for courts to be laid in fine weather. We had hoped we could squeeze it in after the courts had been resurfaced but this was unfortunately not achievable.
  • We have selected the interclub teams and we hope those members playing interclub have an enjoyable season.
  • We are also starting to plan some social events which will include celebrating the club’s 65th anniversary later this year, Open Days and some other functions.

Feel free to discuss any of the above items with the Executive.

The Executive are working hard to ensure you enjoy the tennis and social interaction we have fostered at the club.

Brendon Forbes