How do I enter my team’s interclub results?

If you are the winning team you must enter your results into Top Dog within 48 hours of the game being played. However any player (from either the winning or losing team) who has been listed as an interclub recorder can enter the result. To be listed as an interclub recorder your email address must be listed under your Topdog code on the Topdog system.

1. Connect to the Internet.

2. Go to

3. You will see a Login window. Enter your Top Dog player code and password and click Login. If you do not have a password, or have forgotten it, then click the Request New Password button. If an error message appears please email [email protected] as your email address will be either missing or incorrect on the Topdog system.

4. After logging in you must select the Interclub Round Number from the drop down list. Select the opposition team and click the capture result button.

5. Next you will see the Interclub Results window. Enter your match results. There is a Help button that provides instructions should you require. Once entered, click the update button to submit the results.

6. The contest result and points are calculated automatically. Any errors will be highlighted in red. If you cannot find a player, or have any problems that you cannot fix, then write a note for the administrator in the box at bottom of the screen. The results will be saved even if they are incomplete or have errors. After completing the results click the Exit button. The administrator will adjust points calculations if required.

7. Use the Display Points Table button to see the current standings and review any match result.

Frequently Asked Questions

I requested a password but it says my email is not registered? This means that for some reason your email is not in the system.
How to register your email: send an email to [email protected] and ask for your email to be registered for Top Dog. You will need to say which grade and club you play for.

I requested a password but it has not arrived in my inbox? If the email address you registered is a hotmail, yahoo or similar account the response from Top Dog may be sitting in your Junk Mail Inbox.

Do I have to enter the results every week? And Can someone else from my team enter them? Only the winning team has to enter the results. If you continue to win you will need to keep entering the results. If you would like someone else to enter the results you will need to give them your code and password or email [email protected] to have their email address linked to your Topdog code. They will then have to apply for another password. All players with their email attached to their Topdog code will be able to record results for the grade in which they play.

I can’t find a player in our team or the other team? If the player you are looking for does not appear in the drop down list of team players, click on the FIND button to do a search of their surname. If their name appears click on it and it will appear in grey under the appropriate box. If their name does not appear write a note for the Administrator in the box at the bottom of the screen giving full details of player’s name and position they played. Don’t forget to search nationally as some players may have an Auckland player code if they play for more than one club.

When I go to enter the results it won’t let me in? Topdog will not let you in once a result has been recorded. Even though you are the winning team sometimes your opposition may have already entered the result.

The other team has not entered the results? On your draw you will find the contact details of the other managers in your grade. Call, or email them, and ask them to enter the results. Losing team managers can enter the results at any time without risk of duplication. As a winning captain if you cannot enter your result it may be that the losing team captain has already entered them. Please check the results tables.

Our opposition defaulted but we have not been awarded any points? Senior and Junior Interclub default points are based on your team’s average for the season and they can only be calculated once all matches have been played at the end of the season. If a Senior team defaults a match the club will be fined and if the team defaults a third time they will lose their position in that grade for the rest of the season.

Why when we drew does the points table show zero (0) points? When it is a draw Top Dog send TNR a message to allocate the bonus points. TNR will do this asap and then the correct score will appear on the scoreboard. You do not need to do anything.