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Edith Hopper Park, Ladies Mile, Manly

Enrolmy Guide

The following guide will help you through the Enrolmy registration process

The registration links on Whangaparaoa Tennis club website will direct you to our Enrolmy mini-site.

Select the session that you would like your child to attend.

The session details page displays all the relevant information about that session, including:

  • Session times
  • What to bring
  • Number of places still available in the session

Here you can also select the additional Saturday matchplay sessions.

Please read our terms & conditions and select the agreement checkbox.

Then simply click on the orange “Add Attendees” button.

Please enter your email address.

If you already have an Enrolmy account then you will be asked for your Enrolmy password.

If this is the first time you have used Enrolmy, then you will be asked to enter the following credentials:

  • Password
  • Your (parent) first name
  • Your (parent) last name
  • Your (parent) phone number

Please make sure you enter your first and last name as a parent and not your child’s name


Please enter your child’s first name, last name and date of birth.

You may enter in more than one child if their booking is for the identical session. If you want to book more than one child in, but for a different group or session time, then you must make their booking separately.

Click on the orange “Progress this booking” button.

The final step is to confirm your booking.

You will also be asked whether you would like to accept SMS messages from the Club.

You will then be sent an email confirmation, followed by your invoice.


The final step for you to complete is to fill out a Safety Form for each child.

You can complete and submit the Safety Form at any time, as long as we have received the Safety Form prior to the start of the tennis sessions.

The Safety Form contains details about your child, so we can ensure their safety, including:

  • Parent or guardian contact number.
  • Emergency contact number.
  • Known health allergies
  • Other medical conditions or health problems.
  • Any relevant medications your child is on.