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Edith Hopper Park, Ladies Mile, Manly

From the Umpire’s Chair – November 2017

Summer is hopefully just around the corner and the newly resurfaced courts are getting a lot of use, with interclub competitions in full swing and mixed doubles club champs this Sunday, 19th November.

Since the August newsletter we have:

Researched and obtained quotes for upgrading the court lighting. As you are aware the bulbs are prone to blowing (we have two lights currently out which will be fixed next week) and it is an ordeal & costly for getting them replaced – ordering lights, scheduling the electrician and hiring a cherry picker/ scissor lift. I have spoken to 13 clubs that have recently replaced their lights, including four clubs that have successfully upgraded to LED lights. There are a number of variables in this project – amongst others being pole height, LED vs normal lights, consent requirements, angle of lights – so we are undertaking a rigorous due diligence process to ensure the final outcome best serves our members. Initial timeline is to have this completed between end of interclub and start of winter next year (Apr/May 2018).

Organised the 65th jubilee celebrations (25 November at 7pm). A huge thanks to the Social Committee for their time and effort – it will be a wonderful evening and I am very much looking forward to the 1950’s-themed event and celebrating our history in our unique social style. There are a few tickets still available so snap them up before they’re gone. Rock ‘n Roll!

Finalised the Life Membership Criteria and Procedures. Following on from the AGM, the Life Membership subcommittee met three times to develop a guidance document for future Life Membership nominations. The Executive and Council discussed and approved the document. This will be published shortly after the 65th anniversary. Thanks to all involved in this important process.

Been involved with Tennis Northern’s submission on Metro Park. Tennis is one of a number of sports that made submissions to the Metro Park Working Group regarding the facilities and buildings to be constructed. We also collaborated with the other local tennis clubs and will await the decision. At this stage there will be nine courts allocated to tennis and netball, but uncertainty surrounds number of courts, court surface and whether courts will be multi-purpose.

Had two Executive meetings. The agendas were busy and notable items include reviewing our health & safety procedures, application and receipt of grant funding, formalising the coaching arrangements, reviewing our marketing effectiveness and recruiting for Chelsea Cup.

Collaborated locally and regionally. We have attended the Tennis Northern AGM, met with Dairy Flat President and also attended the President’s Breakfast meeting. These meetings have shown our club to be performing well but attracting and retaining members is a challenge faced by all clubs. We have also established a relationship with Whangaparaoa School and their students are using the courts over lunchtime for a couple days per week.

Feel free to discuss any of the above items with myself or other Executive officers.

Have some great tennis and see you on the court or socialising in the clubhouse.

Brendon Forbes