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Edith Hopper Park, Ladies Mile, Manly

Talking Tennis – Winter 2021 Edition

Tennis Year draws to a close

I heard on the radio that 1st June signals the first day of Winter in New Zealand ( as a Brit I am still learning these things!). Certainly the weather has turned chillier and no doubt heat pumps, wood burners and gas fires are being fired up around the country.

The season change has had two notable impacts at the club. Those enjoying a drink after being out on court during social tennis sessions, are now more inclined to sit at the bar leaners inside the clubhouse, rather than out on the deck. The heat pump comes into its own.

Secondly, it is tremendous to witness the sign up of Juniors to the winter programme run by our inimitable coaches Kenny and Nico. Through their efforts they have attracted 80 juniors to the winter programme – I am told that is near double the normal number. Fantastic.

Celebrating Success

The end of the tennis season triggers recognition of those who have enjoyed success out there on the courts. The Junior Prize Giving has already taken place with Kerry Morris presiding over the ceremony.

Our Senior Prize Giving event is scheduled for Saturday 19 June – a date not to be missed, particularly as Mark Battershill and Band are providing some Country and Western style music for us to while away the evening. The theme for prizegiving this year will be “Country – Western”. Feel free to join in with the theme and come dressed in your finest Western garb. Please also bring a shared plate for supper.

This will quickly be followed by the Tennis Northern awards evening on Wednesday 30 June at 7pm at the Albany Tennis Centre. I reckon numbers for our regular Wednesday night social tennis will be well down, on that night, as we have three winning teams likely to pick up a prize. Also, our club has put in a submission to be named regional ‘Club of the Year’ – you never know it could be our turn to be recognised and pick up that coveted prize?

Social Activity finds it’s feet again

Both the Ladies’ and Men’s days tournaments went off without a hitch and thankfully sunny conditions dominated both events. Over the two days over 100 players took part with about a third joining from other clubs.

Steven Lay once again organised an away weekend – this time to Tauranga. We won the tennis challenge against Mount Manganui Tennis Club on the Saturday, cycled 40 kilometres around the Mount on Sunday, and then a few stayed on for golf on the Monday. Twenty four people went home happy – and no injuries to report this time!!

Upcoming , we have 32 members hiring out, for the first time, all six indoor tennis courts at Albany. Should be an interesting experiment.

Club Business

The Annual General Meeting ( AGM) approaches on 5th July at 2pm ahead of getting out on court for social tennis. As always we need a minimum of 25 members in attendance for the AGM to commence – please try to be there if you can.

Members will know we are looking to fill a couple of official elected positions – namely that of Club Captain and one Executive post. If you are interested, please chat to a committee member. Nomination forms are displayed at the front of the club bar.

We do have candidates for the Treasurers post which is welcome news.

We suffered a break in at the end of May. Thankfully no damage was caused to our internal decor by the culprits who stole the television. We have put in an insurance claim, and the committee have met post incident to consider how best to beef up our security arrangements, in a proportionate way, to deter further occurrences at sensible cost. Signage has already been displayed informing members that cameras are in operation – and we are looking to replace the tv with either a smaller less desirable version , or a projector once any fresh security measures are in place. We hope to have any new arrangements in position in the coming weeks and before the AGM in July.

On a cheerier note…

We continue to attract a trickle of new members to the club – Steven Lay keeps having to label new discs for joining members. Long may that be the case.

Wrap up warm – or ‘rug up’ as they say in this part of the world and enjoy getting out there on court.

Alf Sayer
Club President