Tennis Hot Shots is the national starter tennis program for New Zealand children.

Modified Hot Shots equipment gives kids the opportunity to play an adult version of the game in an environment that suits them. Red, orange and green balls, smaller courts and shorter, lighter racquets allow kids to hit the same tempo as the pros, move around the court in the same way, and execute the same tactics.

Whangaparaoa Tennis Club coaches Ken McLeod & Nicolas Martin, run Tennis Hot Shots for children aged 5 to 14 years and a Teen Tennis programme for children aged 15 to 18 years

Children enrolling in Tennis Hot Shots will use the club registration process and will be enrolled for Term 4, 2020 and Term 1, 2021.

This season Tennis Hot Shots runs from Monday 12th October, 2020 to Saturday 12th December, 2020 (excluding Labour Weekend Saturday / Monday) and then from Tuesday 9th February, 2021 to Saturday 10th April, 2021 (excluding Easter Weekend Saturday)


Your child can select two sessions per week.

  • We have increased the number of available sessions per week.
  • The sessions will be limited in the number attending, so your child will receive coaching from only our two professional tennis coaches. Assistant junior coaches may assist with the Match Play sessions.
  • Technique and Match Play / Practice sessions will be rotated throughout the season, so that your child should receive one of each type of session, each week.
  • A “Performance” session for children selected on the Performance Pathway, will be held for each group on Wednesdays. Our club coaches may offer your child an invitation to change one of the sessions you choose to a Performance Pathway session.

Group sessions are based on the colour / softness of the ball used for coaching. We have listed appropriate age groups as an indicator. Please contact Nico Martin at [email protected] if you need assistance choosing the correct group.


5 to 7 years


All the RED session groups are now FULL

Please contact [email protected] to be placed on the waitlist


11 to 14 years


All the GREEN session groups are now FULL

Please contact [email protected] to be placed on the waitlist.


8 to 10 years


All the ORANGE session groups are now FULL

Please contact [email protected] to be placed on the waitlist


15 to 18 years

Thursday: 5.00pm to 6.00pm

PERFORMANCE PATHWAY (by invitation only)
Thursday: 7.00pm to 8.00pm

Tennis Hot Shots Important Dates for 2020 / 2021

  • Junior Open Day: Saturday 12th September 2020
  • Tennis Hot Shots commences in Term 4 2020: Monday 12th October 2020
  • Tennis Hot Shots finishes for Term 4 2020: Saturday 12th December 2020
  • Tennis Hot Shots commences in Term 1 2021: Tuesday 9th February 2021
  • Junior Club Champs entries online close: Thursday 18th February, 2021
  • Junior Club Champs Singles: from 4pm – 12s on Monday 22nd February, 15s on Tuesday 23rd February, 18s on Thursday 25th February 2021.
  • Junior Club Champs Doubles and Mixed: from 4pm – 12s on Monday 1st March, 15s on Tuesday 2nd March and 18s on Thursday 4th March 2021
  • Junior Club Champs save days: Monday 8th March to Thursday 11th March. Used if weather wet in previous two weeks.
  • Junior Club Champs Finals: during week beginning 15th March 2021
  • Tennis Hot Shots Last Session & Prizegivings: From Monday 5th April to Saturday 10th April 2021


The annual subscription for Tennis Hot Shots / Teen Tennis is $185.

This provides the junior with:

  1. 2 group sessions each week during term 4 and 1, with qualified professional coaches.
  2. Access to club courts (when available) for 12 months (non member parent may play with their child).
  3. Invitation to junior club events – social and competitions such as Club Champs.

NB: If paying for 3 or more family member, discount sub by 10%.

Membership Conditions

  • From 6 to 18 years
  • 2 group sessions per week with qualified professional club coaches
  • Personal use of court at times other than club play, interclub play and tournament play
  • Priority on court use is given to tournaments, club events, club play, interclub, team practices and coaching
  • Club members (including hosted guests) may play at other times
  • Visitors are welcome when courts are not required by members etc

Free parent and child play subject to the following conditions

  • Parents of a non interclub junior are able to play with their child during casual play periods free of charge (does not apply to juniors older than 12 years)
  • Parent & child play is designed to help give children consistent practice at a stage when the child is unable to play consistently with other beginners
  • Parents must be hitting only with their child and not conducting their own game with adults
  • To play casually at other times, parents are required to pay visitor fees

Tennis Hot Shots  / Teen Tennis, Co-ordinator

Nico Martin

[email protected]

  • Hot Shots & Teen Tennis
    • 4 to 18 years
    • 2 coaching sessions per week
    • Club Champs
    • Free Court Use